I: Lost

from by In Ruins

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I can't see
I'm feeling things inside of me
That I've never felt before
I can't breathe
I've been thrown out to sea
And I can't get back to shore
The waves are getting stronger
We are all castaways
All live astray
I struggle through heartache
Day after day

I can't see
I can't breathe

I'm clawing back the sand
Won't you give me your hand
You've given me these concrete boots
I'm helpless

Raise your hand high
If you've got nothing to live for
Raise your hand high
If your staring through an open door
Raise your hand high
If you're sick of feeling useless
Raise your hand high
If you're strong enough to do this

Forever lost
And never found
I'm looking up into the clouds
I cross my heart
And say aloud
I hope I do you proud

My hope and dreams
Hang from this tree
Too dead to swallow the seeds
My love for this
Won't waste away
My hopes and dreams
Too blind to see
Are standing in front of me
My love for you
Won't waste away
Won't waste away

I've got something to say
You've got something to answer for
I've been wasting away
Hesitating to knock on your front door
Take me away
Take me back to the shore
And I'll drift away
There are three words I'm dying for

You're not alone

Dearly departed
I think I found my home
Somewhere between the holes
Somewhere where I belong
I walked the path I chose
I did this on my own
So just remember, just remember
You're not alone
Dearly departed
I think I sold my soul
Just for a happy thought
Something which I now own
I wear a crooked smile
I wear a liars face
So just remember, just remember
You're not alone

I'm full of twists
And I'm full of turns
I'm in a circuit
You'll never learn
I've seen my end
And I've seen you begin
I can't explain
This hell I'm in

This hell I'm in


from Lost & Found, released November 11, 2013



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